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  • Mould Remediation

Mould Remediation


Mould shouldn’t be an ongoing issue. Contrary to this, mould often seems difficult to remove and prevent, especially with regular cleaning.

Why do you need professional mould remediation?

Mould grows on anything damp and can be found easily on items, like carpet, timber, brickwork, etc. It often grows unnoticed where moisture is not immediately visible or difficult to notice. Mould flourishes in moist places. Needless to say, mould along with their spores is hazardous for your health and can cause respiratory issues, sore throats, eye irritation, headaches and congestion to name a few.  Unknowingly many homes and business premises suffer from mould infestation. Only an expert inspection can help you make sure whether your premise is affected by mould infestation or not. This is why, you need Carpet Cleaning Newcastle – an expert in mould remediation in Newcastle.

Trust us for your mould remediation

  • Free inspection
  • Identification of issues that leads to mould growth
  • Tailed inspection report within 24 hours
  • Long term recommendation by certified professionals to eliminate mould issue
  • High-quality work
  • Fair and competitive price
  • Verified technicians
  • Specialized equipment to remove mould

Our mould removal process includes:


  • Free inspection


Get your property inspected to identify for the causes that lead to mould so that our recommendation can stop mould from returning.


  • Treatment


Once you receive an inspection report, book a day and call our team for treatment.


  • Air purification


With the help of air purifiers, airborne contaminants from your home or commercial space are removed.


  • Mould remediation


Identified areas are treated with specialized equipment and expert technicians.


  • Drying out 


Moisture is removed from the vicinity to prevent the mould returning


  • Prevention


Our professionals will guide you through preventative steps to avoid mould formation in the future

To get a quote, enquire about our services, or get a free consultation CALL TODAY 0435827816 or drop an email at info@carpetcleaningnewcastle.net.

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