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  • Dust Mite Treatment Newcastle

Dust Mite Treatment Newcastle


Though dust mites are tiny bugs, they can trigger symptoms in people with asthma, eczema, and hay fever. They won’t bite you but they excrete fine droppings which are highly allergic to a large part of the human population. You would be surprised to know that the major cause of asthma and allergic issues in Australia is due to dust mite. Why? Because coastal Australia has a conducive temperature and humidity to support the growth of tiny mites.

Where can you find dust mites at your home?

As the name suggests, dust mites are found where plenty of dust is concentrated. For example beds, mattresses, chairs, and carpets that have long fibers; as a result, they soak a large amount of dust. These places often store human dead skins, fungal spores, and insect scales that serve as food to dust mites.

What allergies can be treated by removing dust mites?

  • Skin irritation or allergic reaction to dust mites.
  • Asthma or respiratory issues
  • Allergy caused by dust mites

How to get rid of dust mites?

At Carpet Cleaning, we have licensed pest exterminators to remove dust mites from your home. We use insecticides specially formulated to stop dust mites. Our experts use an array of measures to eliminate dust mites from your home, such as carpet cleaning, mattress cleaning, sanitization, vacuuming, etc.

CALL TODAY 0435827816 or drop an email at info@carpetcleaningnewcastle.net for a free consultation.

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