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  • Carpet and Fabric Scotchguard Newcastle

Carpet and Fabric Scotchguard Newcastle


Every homeowner dreams of owning a clean, fresh and bright carpet. Sadly, it doesn’t last long as you wish. Carpets are prone to dirt, dust, mites, and wear & tear in various ways over the period of time. It is difficult to keep even professionally cleaned upholstery always attractive and spotless for a longer duration. But, the good news is there is a way to extend the life of your carpets and fabrics. Yes, you heard it right! With professional Carpet and Fabric Scotchguard, you can keep your carpets and upholstery like new for a long time.

What is Scotchguard?

Scotchguard is an invisible barrier on fabrics and carpets that prevents stains, spills, and soil from adhering to the carpet. Scotchguard, which is applied by certified professionals, is solvent-based and provides every fibre of your carpet and upholstery with a shield to ensure maximum protection.

How does it work?

  • Protection from spills and stains

Spills and stains are the biggest and the most visible enemies of your carpet. They not only penetrate the fibres but also make the cleaning difficult. Scotchguard acts as a protective layer for your carpet and prevents spills and stains from seeping into the fibre of the carpet. It gradually helps you clean the carpet if any liquid like milk, coffee or wine spills on it. Most spills, if immediately treated come out easily.

  • Maintains the hygiene of the house

Scotchguard protects carpets from becoming a breeding ground for germs, mites, bacteria and fungi. It prevents the growth of these pathogens for a few years and keeps your family healthy.

  • Keep the appearance of the carpet intact

Scotchguard stops dirt from sticking to the carpet fibres. Though dirt would settle on the carpet even after the application of the Scotchguard, it will be loosely held around the fibre which makes it easier to remove them. It increases life and slows down the wear and tear of carpet to a large extent.

  • Easy vacuuming

As dirt does not entangle in the carpet, vacuuming becomes more effective. It saves much of your time and effort.

How does Cleaning Carpet apply Scotchguard?

Our professionals apply Scotchguard through specialised spray technique. Smooth application, quick-drying with no residue or odour. Our Scotchguard is non-toxic and eco-friendly and safe for children and pets. It is gentle and harm-free for carpets.

So, if you decide on getting your carpets damage-free and new for a longer time, consider carpet and fabric Scotchguard by Carpet Cleaning. For more information, CALL TODAY 0435827816 or drop an email at info@carpetcleaningnewcastle.net.

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